Happy Veterans Day: Meet Our Veteran Client Robert Yensen!

Happy Veterans Day!

Today we honor and thank all those men and women who have served our country! Meet one such Veteran, our client Robert Yensen. Mr. Yensen signed up for service in the United States Navy in 1942.  He received his primary flight training and graduated from the U.S. Naval Air Station – Corpus Christie, after which he received specific aircraft trainings at various other U.S. airbases. 

Mr. Yensen and his crew provided air coverage to U.S. naval vessels in the waters over Okinawa until the end of World War II  He stated that he will never forget the devastation he witnessed while flying over Nagasaki following the dropping of an atomic bomb.  Following his war service, Mr. Yensen enjoyed careers in electrical engineering and teaching math at the High School and Junior High School level.  He currently enjoys sculpting classes, meditation, getting out and about and good conversation. 

Thank you for your service Mr. Yensen!